Struggling to Make a Decision?

Do you need to make a decision, but you can't seem to do so?

Is it causing you so much stress?

Are you losing sleep over it?

We make decisions every day. But not all decisions are equal. Some are bigger and more important than the others, because they have the potential to make a huge impact in our lives. These types of decisions are the ones that are much harder to make.

We can't decide on them because there's too much at stake. We're afraid to make the wrong decision because of all the worst case scenarios that we’re telling our heads. Those stories we run over and over in our minds are so paralyzing that it’s easy to just not do anything.

But experience often tells us that the worst that we imagine don’t happen at all. Our minds have the tendency to exaggerate a threat, imagining all the horrid things that can happen. Because we’re used to thinking like this all the time, this becomes our default behavior every time a decision has to be made.

Fear is at the root of all this. We are afraid of failure, of rejection, of stepping out of our comfort zone, of the unknown…so there’s lots of fears in us. But usually these are all perceived fears. What we fear can happen, but our experience tells us that most of the time they don’t.

And the best way to overcome fear is to really just do that thing that we’re afraid of. So if you’re afraid to make a decision because you’re not sure that you’re going to choose the right thing, then just do it anyway. You never know what’s going to happen after unless you make that decision.
If you do make a decision and it turns out that it’s not the best decision, then you can just make another one. But the point is that you never know unless you decide.

So book a session with me today so I can help you go through a simple process that will help you make that decision that you’ve been avoiding to make.

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