The person who claimed to love me has ghosted me

I am a Professional Counselor for 15 years. I hold a post-masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Lehigh University. Since I am licensed to "counsel" only in my state of residence, I offer life "coaching" to people outside of my state. This means that I do not focus on clinical or diagnostic issues with coaching clients. However, I can help you cope with life issues.

I specialize in helping those who are currently or have previously suffered from narcissistic abuse in relationships, especially covert narcissism which is more predatory than overt Narcissism. I have personally lived through and recovered from both overt and covert narcissistic abuse, myself. Because of this, I am uniquely qualified to help people through the intricacies of the healing process.

I also help people with: Codependency related issues; Developing self-care habits and healthy self esteem. I receive great feedback from my clients and look forward to helping you on your healing journey and thrive in life.

Disclaimer: I do not coach with any child custody related issues. I focus on relationship issues outside of child custody matters. There are other coaches who specialize in this particular area if you need help with this.

Keyword: Life coaching, spirituality, narcissistic abuse, survivor, covert narcissist, NPD, emotional abuse, codependency, healing, gaslight, manipulation, idealization, love bombing, future faking, devaluation, discard, fuel sources, hoover attempt, trauma bond recovery, self care, self esteem, relationships, no contact, gray rock technique, self worth, learning to trust yourself, forgive yourself.
Sujet de coaching: CV Dating: Trouver ou Terminer
Sexe du Coach: Féminin

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