Efficient Communications, Negotiations and Profitability

Efficient Communications, Negotiations and Profitability

By developing your self-awareness, with emphasize on internal focus and the bigger picture, we will work together on:
Learning more about yourself.
Recognizing the success and strength factors
Creating your success story
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Efficient Communications, Negotiations and Profitability

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Yours Sincerely
Lilia - your Personal coach

I am an Internationally minded person. Have worked for many years with Governmental officials and trade representatives from different countries. I have enjoyed over these years learning cultures, organizing economic development events, Sales and Training's, trade missions and B2B matchmaking. Worked with representatives from Tunisia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Qatar, Bahrain, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Hungary, African continent, China, Mexico, Brazil, France. Have represented state of GA for 6 years at the Futurallia business forum, https://www.futurallia.com/home/en/

I am trilled to work with you on this Fantastic Platform and to make this World a Better Place.

Efficient Communications, Negotiations and Profitability

Keyword: efficient sales and negotiations, your ideal job profile, career transition, personality tools, motivation, negotiations, team building, leadership, self-determined change,
Sujet de coaching: CA Vente & négociation
Sexe du Coach: Féminin

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