Assessing Your Candidate Experience Strategy - Tampa

Are you nervous that you may be losing really good candidates because the process for candidates to apply to a job and get hired at your organization is just not that friendly to them? Do you think there are some ways to beter communicate your recruitment brand to candidates but you just don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re not familiar with the term Candidate Experience or maybe you are and just made incremental changes around it.

I’ve had over 10 years of experience working with recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and VP’s of HR from companies of all sizes. Use the knowledge I’ve gained along the way and what I’ve seen from my clients to help your organization be effective in developing a really innovative candidate experience strategy.

Candidate Experience really spans everything from when a jobseeker first sees information about your company, lands on your ad, applies to your ad, and then what they experience after applying. Candidates are really no different than your customers. Many of your candidates may already actually be customers of your company.

Their opinions about your process matter and even if the candidate doesn’t get the job, you want them to leave feeling valued.

If you are a business that hires people, you have a Candidate Experience whether you like it or not! Let’s make sure it’s a great one!

This course is for hiring managers posting their first job all the way to experienced Talent Acquisition professionals, CEO’s and everything in between. It’s easy for candidate experience to get lost in the midst of your day to day but it really takes deliberate commitment and is something that needs to be constantly evaluated.

You never want to lose your next really awesome candidate because there experience applying to a job with your organization wasn’t seamless. You wouldn’t want to let a customer walk away unsatisfied, or frustrated with your website, let’s not do it to candidates!

In this course you’ll learn a few things:

What are the Effective Components of Candidate Experience
We’ll do an audit of your existing candidate experience and look for areas of opportunity
We’ll discuss some strategies of really effective companies in candidate Experience
What are some completely free things you can do to optimize your process
To name a few!

Let’s start today and help you create a great experience for your candidates!

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