6 Months of Startup Business Coaching

6 months of coaching to get your business started properly.

I guarantee you will make double what you pay me, or I'll keep working with you until you do!

There are 6 Parts To The Employee Escape Plan:

Planning: How To Choose The Right Business For YOU
Positioning: How To Create Emotional Branding
Packaging: How To Craft Your Offer and Story Attractively
Promotion: How To Get Your Story To The World
Persuasion: How To Help People make decisions that are good for them
Performance: How To Gain Testimonials, Referrals, And Future Business

Employee Escape Plan Is
The Ultimate Step-By-Step Mentoring Program
For Creating Your Dream Job through Entrepreneurship

Is your job like a “Two Story Outhouse?

As an employee, do you feel like you are treated with dignity and respect?

Or do you feel like management makes crappy decisions, then “dumps the load” on you?

It doesn’t have to be that way. When you start your business, YOU are in charge.

You have the ability to be a solo-preneur, or, if you do have employees, subcontractors, or helpers, you can treat them with respect.

You don’t have to treat your business like an outhouse.

You can treat your business like a temple.

I’m a marketing expert and business coach. I help my clients get more customers to pay them more money more often. I work with existing business owners, and startups. EmployeeEscapePlan


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