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Brenton Tyler Hoffmann aka HarmoniK the Coach, is a man of many talents & skills as an Inspirational & Transformational HarmoniK Wealth Coach, Energy Master, as well as a Philosopher & visionary.
He is also a professional networking expert & B2B Global Award Winning Lead generation marketing expert & Growth Hacker/Digital Marketer & Sales Trainer.

Mr. Hoffman has helped many people from all lifestyles: from Teachers to CEO'S/entrepreneurs and everybody in-between heal from all types of challenges Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, relationally, & Financially thus helping his clients see another perspective to overcome extremely challenging obstacles that got in their way.

He knows all about challenges and obstacles in life and his life has been quite the struggle, to say the least.

He has learned from the best of the best in his field Over the last 18 years, he has been a student of Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins and JT Foxx to name a few. He is highly trained in the area of Personal development, Social dynamics, NLP and all around Human Psychology. He is a Natural born communicator and empath Not just a problem solver, moreover the ultimate solution finder.

Over the years, he has been in media outlets such as: WTV, EZWay Broadcasting, way Blog, Top News in, Hollywood broker TV, E news TV. Thrive news, CEO TV. In addition, the presidential inner circle.

Featured in the Examiner! Wire Image, AP associated press, Getty images, Exposay, Star Pulse and he did this all while overcoming immense Health Challenges.

Recent successes 2018-2019

Dec 2018 Brenton Tyler Hoffmann's was asked by JT Foxx The Worlds #1 Wealth Coach to have his Success story featured in JT's new Amazon Best Selling book.

JT Foxx's Success Stories
"Results Don't Lie"

He is also a mentee and coaching student of the Worlds #1 Motivational Speaker's son, Les Brown Jr.

"You are stronger than you know and that you give yourself credit for"

He reminds us all that anyone can change. Regardless of age.

Are you ready to incresse your profits 10 fold in 2019?

Get ready to Flip that switch, ignite your fire within, and make you & your sales organization dreams moreover your vision a reality this year!

End the year with a big bang with HarmoniK The Coach of HarmoniK Consulting.

He’ll not just motivate you, he’ll not just jack you up, he’ll give you lazer specific strategies & tactics to highly increase revenue thus increasing your income in your business for you and your entire team.

Most importanly to remove your limiting beliefs that have gotten in the way of you or your sales organization & help you tap into unlimited potential so you can skyrocket this upcoming year in all that you do.

The truth is, you've probably never even glimpsed your full potential for success, happiness, wealth, love, health and fulfillment because most people have been taught that life is something that "happens," instead of the truth... that you can create your life.

The good news is, you can learn how to become more confident, more joyous and more empowered than ever before, if you're ready to take your life off of auto-pilot and grab ahold of the controls.

Now you can be coached by a top success expert to learn how to turn on the "afterburners" and take your life to the next level and beyond!

Just Imagine Having Everything You Need to Overcome ANYRoadblock to Success in Your Life... Regardless of Your Past!

HarmoniK has worked with everyone from celebrities and CEOs to parents.

This will jump-start your life, get the "reset" you deserve and overcome any obstacle that once stood in your way.

You'll eliminate your fears, build confidence, get rid of life-long limiting beliefs, improve your relationships and so much more.

This is not a "motivational speech," but rather an empowerment training, where you will learn a variety of amazing life changing techniques that you can use to create the life you desire, the life you deserve.

Renewed Relationships and Saved Marriages

 More Confidence and Better Boundaries

 An Improvement in Daily Mood, Release of Frustrations, and No More "Bad Hair Days"

 An Increase in Income and/or More Opportunities 

 Improved Health and Release of Illness Created by Stress and/or Negative Emotions

 A Clear Mind, A Clear Conscience, and a Positive Outlook on Life

 More Drive, More Discipline, and More Motivation

 And SO Much More...

If you want to start a business, you have a business but are stuck, are looking for that next business idea or what to expand than HarmoniK Consulting Business Rapid Results is the program for you. 

If you are ready for a super successful thriving business as well as a fufiling personal life, than let's get you & your team started today.

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Sujet de coaching: CA Vente & négociation
Sexe du Coach: Masculin

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