A Zen Approach to Mastering Communication

As a former Zen monk turned Communication Coach I have developed a very powerful and fast track system for you to achieve a high level of inner peace, self confidence and communication mastery. With over 25 years of coaching experience I have discovered that the key to attracting great relationships in business and in life lies within. Being successful as an entrepreneur or in sales requires great skill in connecting with others and building rapport

This program will help you:

  • Communicate with more clarity, confidence and impact

  • Be more bold and assertive

  • Connect with anyone at anytime

  • Be a much better listener

  • Easily negotiate conflict and confrontation

  • Perfect your networking and public speaking skills

  • Inspire others to take action

My approach is practical and results oriented. It include 12 one-to-one hour long sessions, plus you can e-mail questions at anytime and have full access to my cel phone for more urgent calls.

If you have found that reading self help books and attending motivational seminars have not been enough, you will find this approach very refreshing.

Allan Knight has been a Motivation, Communication and Public Speaking Coach for over 25 years. As a former Zen Monk he has been able to bring his unique wisdom and skills into our chaotic world by uniquely combining personal development with communication mastery. He focuses on helping people connect with more clarity, confidence and impact.

He obtained a Masters degree in Education from McGill University in Montreal where his thesis was all about ‘mastering our relationships with others by mastering the relationship we have with ourselves’.

He is the author of Mind Gone Wild – finding freedom within the chaos and A Knight Without Armor - 9 step formula for relationship success at work and life. He is also the creator of the Zen Zone Mindset Training, Communication Mastery for Business and the Soulmate Revolution.

Keyword: communication, personal development, assertiveness, public speaking
Sujet de coaching: CA Communication
Sexe du Coach: Masculin

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