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Life comes with all kinds of experiences and not much of a handbook for how to go through them. Many people are using trial-and-error to get through, and many are just getting by. Happiness, fulfillment and success don't need to be elusive, and you don't have to work hard to have them.

I use my diverse coaching background of over 20 years, plus spiritual tools and techniques to guide you to higher ground. My perspective and processes are rooted in metaphysics, Universal Laws, and ancient spiritual wisdom.

I'd love to help you have more of what you want and less of what you don't. I invite and encourage you to reach out to me. Take the next step toward a happier you.

**Paid sessions include a downloadable pdf version of my award-winning self-help book and my Happy to Be ME! Meditation Collection.


Valerie Sheppard is a catastrophic-stroke survivor, life-mastery expert, Founding Member of the Evolutionary Business Council, and Founder and CEO of The Heart of Living Vibrantly, Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery.

Her passion is helping young adults de-stress and meet life's ups and downs with more courage, confidence, inner peace and happiness. Valerie uses the principles and practices in her multi award-winning, #1 international best-seller, Living Happy to Be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle© as the centerpiece of her transformational work, which includes a college level curriculum that is getting rave reviews at the prestigious University of California, Irvine.

She is a certified Sacred Contracts coach, and has been trained in compassionate communication, spiritual direction and HeartMath. As a professional improv comedienne, Valerie’s specialty is finding ways to keep transformational work light, and she often incorporates improv tips and games, and Laughter Yoga into her workshops and keynote addresses.

Valerie appeared on the August 2016 cover of My Authentic Life Magazine, has been published in award-winning 11:11™ Magazine, and is a Featured Luminary on™. She has also been an expert guest on numerous radio shows and tele-summits, recently appeared on BronxNet TV, and will be launching her own transformational television show in early 2019.

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