Pageant Coaching Video Chat

Pageant Coaching Video Chat

Hello I have Been a pageant Judge for over 35 years judged most of the pageants around the US and Caribbean, I have alot of secrets from Interviewing , , walking , get ready for your pageant , I have held many titles, also from when i was a teen to National titles , Mrs New Mexico in the Mrs America Pageant to Holding CA and Florida titles, As well as a Global title for 2018
I motivate you on how you can take the crown I am your personal pageant Consultant to Give you the Winning Edge in Pageantry You can ask me questions on what do i need to do you can show me your pageant attire,your photos , we will go over what the judges look for , I just gave advice to someone last week and she took the National title, and so many success pageant winners,
, I have wrote for all the pageant magazines, I have been on CNBC news and Donny Deutsch show standing up for pageantry as well as Jenny Jones show standing up for pageanty
What I will help you with is all the pageants i have judged for over 35 years in site what to do and what to expect I have interviewed many title holders for my positive pageantry show and so many in sites they also give as i give them to you , see you in the pageant world

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Sujet de coaching: CV L'éducation des Enfants
Sexe du Coach: Féminin

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