Overcoming Obstacles in Health and Fitness

This 45 minute coaching session is geared toward the individual who is having difficulty overcoming physical, mental, and sociological issues with achieving their health and fitness goals. These issues have many different influences, family issues, physical barriers, and mental roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their goals. This coaching session will introduce you to Sport Coach Jen and concentrate on how she can help with issues that are preventing you from attaining lifelong health. I have over 13 years experience with clients of all ages and activity levels. Finding what works best for you and your lifestyle is easier than you think! I look forward to meeting with you!


Welcome to coachtheworld.com! I have been training and coaching clients for over 12 years. You have individual needs and goals. My goal is to help you realize what you would like to accomplish, identify roadblocks and limitations, and work with them to help you navigate to a solution that fits into your life. If you have any medical issues I can help you achieve your health goals while considering your individual constraints. I provide training advice , coaching, nutrition advice, meal planning, and wellness coaching. I also help my clients who have joint and back issues with exercises and advice to help reverse pain, regain strength, and possibly avoid surgery! If you would like to embark on the path to health contact me today! I look forward to meeting with you!!

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Sujet de coaching: CV Sports physiques
Sexe du Coach: Féminin

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