Finance for Couples: Setting Goals and Resolving Conflict

While it's said money doesn't buy happiness, money woes can create a lot of unhappiness.

Whether you're looking to keep conflict out of your relationship or resolve current conflict, financial coaching can be a great help. This coaching merges financial support and relationship support.

The first step is to look at the patterns and beliefs each of you holds. We all have money stories from childhood that create emotional triggers. We can uncover those stories and triggers and begin to understand them. We bring the stories and triggers into our relationship, and when they don't match your partner's, it can cause conflict.

From there, we'll establish goals and work on the practical aspects of finances to support those goals. These topics can include debt management, budgeting, change in financial circumstances, differences in spending habits, retirement planning, and more. Finally, we'll establish how each of you will contribute.

In my experience, couples who communicate well and have clear goals have a more fulfilling relationship and are in stronger financial positions. This coaching most often pays for itself with the financial progress made and kept. It's an investment in your future success.

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