Ulises Lino

Ulises Lino

Linnet CEO (more than 10 years of experience):
Linnet specializes in Collaborative Learning games and software tools for basic education and is also a professional team integrated by software engineers, graphic designers and educational psychologists and under my leadership we proudly have achieved the following goals:

2006 - Best 10 projects in “Premio Intel”.
2007 - Successfully launching and testing in Querétaro City.
2008 - Start operating in the educational market launching successfully Suite Kazai with collaborative games based on Linnet Methodology.
2009 - Start working with “Centro Educativo Njhöya del DIF Municipal de Querétaro”, including language Ñhäñhö (Otomí).
2010 – Start working with “Centros de Día del DIF Estatal de Querétaro" and important schools in Guadalajara and México City.
2011 – Start working with indigenous schools of the “USEBEQ” (Querétaro Government).
2012 – Launch teacher’s platform “Zaa” for interactive and collaborative activities.
2013 – Start Smart Cubo Alliance.
2014 – Launch first mobile app “Gymbook” based on Benjamin Franklin methodology.
2015 – Launch app for Payables and Receivables called “CuentasClaras.club”.
2016 – Consultancy begins to help Small Businness owners to implement tech projects.
2017 – Launch of first custom applications for enterprise processes.
2018 – First analytics for enterprises and small businesses is launched.
2019 – Quick ERP is launched as the Enterprise Resource Planning software that is customizable.

Software Consultant (more than 15 years of experience):
Collaborative Problem Solving in Delphi Kokomo on projects with Microchip microcontroller damage, EEPROM corruption, External watchdog sync issue, and other microcontrollers like Renesas and Freescale.
Collaborative Systems Requirements for the Alignment in RaCam Project for Renault.
Collaborative Complex Development in LEB452 and RaCam with worldwide teams.
Collaborative Software Development on serial communications protocols, Bootloaders and Flashing Utilities, RAM download utilities. Using compilers like Green Hills, NEC, Cosmic, IAR. Debuggers, emulators and programmers like Lautherbach, NEC Cube Suite and QB, MPLAB IDE of Microchip, and Freescale CodeWarrior; Software development tools like Eclipse, CodeWarrior, and NetBeans. Rational Synergy, Change Synergy and DOORs; Software Quality tools like Code analysis tools like QAC and Clockwork.
Microcontrollers: Renesas, Freescale, Microchip.
Systems Engineering: Direct customer contact for Alignment in RaCam Project for Renault.
Complex development: LEB452 and RaCam worldwide teams.
Serial communications protocols: FlexRay, CAN, LIN, UART and others for peripherals like SPI and I2C.
High level communication protocols: UDS (ISO 14229 and 15765), Keyword 2000, CCP y GMLan
Product lines: PODS, SDMs, ESS, HVAC, Power Electronics for Hybrid Systems and RaCam (Radar and Camera) System for Active Safety.
Compilers: Green Hills, NEC, Cosmic, IAR.
Debuggers, emulators and programmers: Lautherbach, NEC Cube Suite and QB, MPLAB IDE of Microchip, and Freescale CodeWarrior.
Software development tools: Eclipse, CodeWarrior, and NetBeans. Rational Synergy, Change Synergy and DOORs.
Software Quality tools: Code analysis tools like QAC and Clockwork. Peer Review database
Software Development for Bootloaders, Flashing Utilities or RAM download utilities,
Flashing libraries and different microcontroller architectures like Microchip, Renesas and Freescale where different compilers are used.

DCT Controls Engineer:
Approximately 70% cost reduction in controls used in the No-WAT system.
Approximately 80% space savings in the complete size of the cabinet for the controls of the No-WAT system. This was an important factor for our OEMs clients Chrysler, Ford and GM.
Innovative electric design focus in facilitating the troubleshooting and maintenance of the No-WAT system.
All these improvements were possible only through teamwork and leadership needed to share ideas, propose solutions and gain a consensus on the best strategies to follow and execute.

âge: 47
Années d'expérience: 20+
KEYWORDS: technology, business, strategy, ERP, innovation, coaching, consultancy

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