The Fitz Karlton

I take the guesswork and confusion out of your personal fitness. I create, implement and analyze highly customized fitness programs with real-time feedback and corrective coaching. Each program burns fat, builds muscle, boosts hormones and breaks through plateaus to deliver results in less time while virtually eliminating exercise-induced injuries.

Athleticism did not always come easy for me. As a child requiring leg braces and being chosen last, if picked at all when it came to neighbor sports, I understand 1st-hand how challenging it is creating a successful fitness program. Eventually my fierce spirit conquered my childhood adversities and three vehicle-totaling-automobile accidents, forging me into the strong and determined person I am today. America's 1st & Only retired Navy veteran with service-connected disabilities to make a historic collegiate track debut at age 45!!! Allow me to guide you through an unrivaled fitness experience virtually wherever you are in the World! Especially if you are busy, frustrated, tired and less productive than you would like to be.

âge: 49
Années d'expérience: 20+
KEYWORDS: Fitness, Health, Wellness, Fat Loss, Executive

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