Joanne Weiland

In 2007 Joanne Weiland invented LinktoEXPERT. LinktoEXPERT makes it easy for EXPERTpreneurs to be seen consistently online, on stage, on social media & be heard frequently on radio & pod cast interviews which results in being known as the trusted expert worldwide. Executives & business owners get to know the problems EXPERTpreneurs can solve for them & understand the outcome of working together before they hire each other. The collaborative cloud community streamlines the hiring process: simply review expert’s education, experience & achievements in minutes. Results: everyone can focus on what they do best while simultaneously delegating projects to other service providers. Together we save time & energy, make more money (often additional streams of income) & elevate our reputations which results in securing new projects. Masterminding is Joanne's favorite sport.

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Années d'expérience: 20+
KEYWORDS: Connect, Collaborate, Create, Network, Platform, Portal, Sales Funnel

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Awesome job - appreciate your wisdom!

Kathy Perry à propos de l'annonce Social Media Coaching il y a 2 ans.

Everything went great!

Kathy Perry à propos de l'annonce Additional steams of income il y a 2 ans.