Jovan Glasgow

On the rise to becoming one of the most dynamic speakers and coaches of our generation Jovan Glasgow's approach to pulling the best out of every person he comes into contact with is described by most in one word - Astonishing!-

"My personal vision is to end the acceptance of mediocrity by Challenging, Inspiring and Empowering every person that I come into contact with to become the greatest version of themselves. I believe that every single person was created on purpose for a purpose, they just need to be Empowered to unleash it"

This Father, Entrepreneur, Empowerment Speaker and Life Coach is ready to help you:

1 - Establish your Identity
2 - Heal from any past obstacles
3 - Identify or enhance your abilities and gifts
4 - Unleash your life's Purpose
5 - Make an Impact in the world

Join Jovan on this exciting journey to becoming the best version of yourself because as his slogan says "The absolute worst life to live is a half-lived one"

Instagram: jdtglasgow
Années d'expérience: 5-10

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