Rick the Filmmaker

Rick Danford has been making movies since he used his father's 8 mm camera to film his first actioneer 'The Big Hit' in his front yard at the ripe age of 8. Since then he knew what he wanted to do with his life. Rick has written several screenplays such as the Feature Film scripts, 'The Web of Darkness' which was produced and starred genre legends Tom Savini and Brinke Stevens, 'Death Island' which he co-wrote with Tom Savini and 'Lycanthrope'. He is currently in the middle of writing, directing and producing a Web Series called 'Dawn and the Dead' and a Faith Based Feature Film called 'Messages of Hope'. Rick has also worked on several film sets and acted in several productions including the made for TV film 'The FBI Murders' starring David Soul, Ronny Cox and Michael Gross. He has many years of experience in writing and crafting film scripts, production, directing and more. He also runs two very successful film festivals, The Halloween Horror Picture Show and the Saints & Sinners Film Festival so he has a wealth of knowledge from many years in front of and behind the camera.

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