Dr. Danté Sears

Dr. Dantè Sears is a nine-times certified master metaphysician, doctor of divinity, and a Serial Entreprenuer.  She specializes PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI), which is the study of the brain and central-nervous-system's influence upon immune system functions.

In 2012, she created her own healing modality, Dante's Intervention (BeatYourDiagnosis.com), which is a powerful method of mind-body healing through conversation. She is the CEO and founder of World Prosperity Network, Prosperity Coin (WPNCoin.com), Prosperibly.com, and DanteTV.tv, as well as the COO and program director of eZWay Network and eZWay TV.  Dr. Sears is also a tv and commercial producer whose commercials and shows have aired nationwide ("eZ Talk Live", "Kiss and Tell with Dante Sears") ILauncheZWay, My Holyfield TV, and KXLA.

A humanitarian and entrepreneur (humanipreneur), Danté is dubbed The Global SOULutionist, perfectly positioned for massive global impact. Her desire is to improve life for all mankind. She is the host of 'Kiss and Tell with Dr. Dante Sears' and co-host of 'EZ Talk Live' with Eric Zuley on iLauncheZWay TV. Danté is also a real estate agent, licensed over 16 years (LALuxuryHomeSales.com).

Danté started out as a young model/actress, modeling for brands like Osh Kosh, Big Sexy Hair, and appearing in and starring informercials ("Villa Vincenza"), National Commercials ("Carwash", CW Network), music videos (Baby Bash "Cyclone", Stooie Bros "It Go Up"), films (Hypbristophilia, Ramparts) and TV Shows ("Felicity", "Just Shoot Me"), to name a few.

It was actually a series of painful events that lead Danté on her path to becoming a miraculous healer and coach. Her father was a talented triple-threat athlete that was drafted to play professionally for the Chicago White Sox. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer before the season started and passed away when Danté was only four years old. Six months later, her grandfather died of a heart attack. These tragic events caused her to reflect within and vow to find a cure for these destructive diseases that forever changed her life and family dynamic. She vowed to find a cure and began studying personal development and psychology at the age of ten, then began studying medical oncology reports, neuroscience, and NLP at age thirteen. Naturally, she began coaching many of her friends, many of whom are now famous entertainers, business owners, and public figures. Her mother eventually encouraged her to follow in her footsteps within the family business, selling real estate.

At age 22, Danté Sears obtained her real estate license. As a young real estate agent, she quickly rose to a six-figure income within her first year, rapidly becoming a millionaire at age 25. This was the point when her years of studying came into play. She found herself doing more coaching than selling; an advantage that helped her work less and earn more, as many of her clients needed help with their entire lives just to complete the purchase of their home. It was this experience that inspired her to go back to school to get certified as a coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Master NLP, Timeline Life Coach, Communication and Life Mastery Specialist, Dreamsculpter, Reiki Master Practitioner, and eventually, earning her doctorate.

In 2012 she graduated Bennett Stellar University as the class all-star. She immediately decided to go into entertainment and speaking for maximum impact. In 2014, she founder World Prosperity Network. DanteTV was created in 2015 and in late 2016 she joined eZWay Network, working alongside the founder, Eric Zuley, as a coach, healer, and consultant.

In 2017 she was awarded a doctor of metaphysics degree, as well as a doctor of divinity degree from ULC. She created two cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum network, Prosperity Coin (WPNCoin.com) and eZWay Coin (eZWayPay.com).

Today, she coaches and consults people on living their best life through mindset and conscious business practices. Her focus is on helping others "Own Your Life" through Mind-Body-Business Breakthroughs (MB3), which is a focus on health, wealth, real estate, wellness, lifestyle, and balance.

Dr. Danté Sears is the professional that brings health and wealth HOME.

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