Debbie's Hidden Blessings

I take a holistic approach to help individuals align with their wellbeing. Helping them find peace.. clarity.. comfort and more.. while helping them heal.. mind.. body.. and spirit. Sessions with Debbie are done by the phone or through the internet.

After almost 30 years in the health.. fitness.. and wellness industry.. I have acquired many tools in my tool belt to assist clients in their holistic healing journey. Essential oils... OxyFlex! breathing... OxyFlex!... crystals... products that encourage your body to heal... energy work.. aromatherapy.. sound therapy.. just to name a few. It's time for you to align with your wellbeing.

Années d'expérience: 20+
KEYWORDS: Wellness, Wellbeing, Coaching, Healing, Holistic, Alternative, Breathing, OxyFlex!, Exercise, EssentialOils, Crystals, Energy, Chakras, Relaxation, Nutrition

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