Bob Choat

Bob Choat, PhD is the host of The School of Transformation Podcast, the author of Mind Your Own Fitness and the forthcoming book, Develop the Champion Within. He is also the founder of Mind Hack Academy ( His articles on peak performance have been published in various publications and websites. He is known as the Transformational Grandmaster.

He’s appeared on both radio and TV, including KABC TalkRadio, Cosozo Radio Network, Sirrius Satellite Radio, UI Radio Network and Hypnosis Today TV Show.

Bob is a Marine Veteran and former LAPD Police Officer. He is also an accomplished martial artist with a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo, a Sr. Instructor in Jeet Kune Do and a Master Instructor in Close Quarter Combat. He earned his PhD in psychology, ran a marketing and advertising firm and has extensive work in fitness and hypnosis, including stage hypnosis. He is also a certified trainer of NLP, Executive coach and certified as a Peak Performance Mindset Master Trainer.

In his spare time he enjoys Parkour and outdoor physical activities.


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