Aaron Littles

Combat Tested, Corporate Approved!

Ready, Aim, Fire with a burst for good measure, is an ethos that drives my thought process and actions for achievement.

In previous lives I've been an Active Duty United States Marine Corps Captain, a Vice President at a Fortune 500 financial institution and graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

I'm now working in a fantastic start-up company and pursuing many entrepreneurial endeavors.

So you've come across this profile for a reason; perhaps you are like a rowboat floating in the middle of the ocean. Are you lacking direction? Are you lacking in drive? Or perhaps you have drive but are going in circle in your metaphorical boat.

I help people, determine their objective, develop a plan, and then encourage them to take the massive actions necessary to achieve that end. If what I described seems like you, then lets have a session to see if we would be a fit for continuous coaching.

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