Olha Petrivska

Hello, the WINNER!

My name is Olha Petrivska and I am a founder of the POWER OF VICTORY. I am ready to lead you to your most ambitious achievements!

I am a certified executive, business, organizational, career, transformational coach and a member of International Coach Federation. Also I am an expert in body language modeling for leaders, which is crucial during the interviews, presentations, conferences, business meeting and daily interaction with employees, partners and investors.

A bit of a biography: was born in Ukraine and lived there for 28 years; have a Master’s degree in Philology. Was one of the top managers of the worldwide insurance giant for 4 years. Then an unpredictable life turned the stable and constant daily flow upside down and caused residence switch to Mexico. Accomplished with excellent results certification course of coaching given by the Universidad Iberoamericana (which I love, worship and adore!) and which fully corresponds to the requirements of the International Coaching Federation (the international regulation body of the coaching activity).

Took online courses of the body language and participated in online workshops performed by Allan Pease. Studied works by Allan Pease, Paul Ekman (micro expressions guru) and Joe Navarro (former FBI agent revealing the secrets of “reading” human behaviour).

Please, check my website www.powerofvictory.com

Instagram: coach_mexico_olga
Años: 31
Años de experiencia: 1-5
KEYWORDS: Executive coach, business coach, career coach, transformational coach

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