Neil Palache

About Neil Palache
Founder & Certified Women's Money Coach™
- Have you ever wished that you could be financially secure and organized?
- What would it be like if you had money left over at the end of the month?
- Wouldn’t it be nice to get advice and support from an objective money expert?

This service is called 'Money Coaching'™

In 1983 Neil Palache entered the financial services industry as a life and disability insurance consultant. For twelve years he helped hundreds of families and businesses to understand what kind of insurance protection they needed.

During this time, Neil saw a need that began to change his focus. Many of his clients were women in need of impartial help to restructure their financial lives so they felt in control and could accomplish more. Neil took his years of experience and designed a practical system that would help women to learn about money issues and to ultimately create their own financial independence. This process is the The Wealth Creator System™ that Neil calls a 'Get Rich Slowly' process.

Neil is now Founder and CEO of The Wealth Creator Company for Women, Inc. and is dedicated to his new mission.
Our Mission Statement

Coach and educate divorced and widowed women as they strive to establish financial
well-being while moving toward and ultimately reaching financial independence.

“As CEO of The Wealth Creator Company for Women, I would like you to know that I will be the first person you will speak with when you contact us. I look forward to that opportunity.”
Neil Palache, CEO

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