Learn ITALIAN with an ITALIAN COACH + FREE Assessment

I am a native speaking Italian Teacher & Life Coach!

Do you want to improve your Italian language skill or do you want to start to learn from scratch because you like Italian or you are planning a trip in Italy?

You are in the right place because I can teach you Italian in a wonderful and "right" way, mixing my education, knowledge and experience working in Italy as a Lawyer with also my career as a Life Coach.

For this reason I will give you all the tools and strategies to help you to be willing to going into this complex (practical and emotional) process in an easy way with MEASURABLE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS.

And remember, I lived in Italy until 3 years ago and every year I come back to Italy to visit my family and friends, so I can share with you a lot of things about Italy.

1) If you have no prior knowledge of Italian or with very limited skills. You know how to greet, talk about yourself in simple terms using the basic verbs in the present tense but still have limited conversational skills.

2) Or you can use present and past tense and can have a conversation with native speakers on everyday topics but need to learn more complex grammatical structures and improve your fluency.

3) Or you are confident and fluent in expressing yourself in all situations but wish to refine conversational skills, colloquialisms and discussion of Italian culture, politics, history or literature,

Join me to learn Italian! I'll be honoured to have you as my student!
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