Biohack YOUR Aging Code

"Cultivating a Championship Mindset by Helping YOU Believe In All You Can Achieve." ~Crate Consulting LLC

CRATE Consulting, LLC was founded by Jessica Crate. A Mind, Body and Soul Architect and Adventurer. We have one body through which we can experience this life and I am committed to BIOHACKING it to the fullest by demonstration.

My life's journey is a message of achieving your best personal, health and wellness goals. I am here to help YOU cut through the noise when it comes to "BIOHACKING". We provide SIMPLE solutions to BASIC problems with an ALL- NATURAL approach that is proven by science and backed by REAL life testimonials. Join me on the journey as you learn about a Genetic Revolution and what it means to "Biohack YOUR Aging Code".

I offer my experiences in both athletics and business to educate, consult and inspire others and help them transform their lives from the inside out. I like to go FAST. In everything I do. As an Elite Athlete and Entrepreneur, I am using my athletic abilities, competitive successes, knowledge and passion to help you reach your goals.

I aspire to help others Look, Feel and LIVE Better from the Inside Out, while bettering the world through every move I make. "Live A Life That Demands An Eternal Explanation."

Cultivating A Championship Mindset from the inside out is a lifestyle.
If you're looking to live a life that demands an explanation and optimize your body, mind and soul, then you've come to the right place!

Jessica Crate is driven and enthusiastic athlete who ran competitively for the last 20 years. She is a two-time Canadian and World Junior Nationals team member, NCAA Varsity athlete, four year All-American and graduate of F.S.U. with a degree in Biological Sciences, Pre-Med and a Minor in Psychology and French.

Following her highschool and collegiate careers, Jessica competed at the Olympic level as an Elite Marathon runner and triathlete. She qualified to compete for Team USA at 5 consecutive World Triathlon Championships in both ITU and the Ironman 70.3 circuits.

Her passion for biohacking peformance in athletics led her to launch her own business and become a USATF Running Coach, Yoga Sports Performance Teacher and Yoga Alliance Instructor. Jessica's life mission is to inspire others to “cultivate a champion mindset” and live a life that demands an explanation.

Professionally, Jessica’s energy is downright contagious. With documentation from working in the white-coat offices of modern medicine as a medical device and pharmaceutical representative, which eventually gave her the mental resolve to leave it behind for Olympiad training, Jessica is passionate about moving, motivating, and inspiring others to activate their body, mind and soul.

Currently, Jessica is now the founder and C.E.O. of her business Crate Consulting LLC focusing on optimizing brand development, marketing and conversion rates for individuals and businesses. She also serves as the Executive Board Chair on the Community Advisory Board for her favorite charity, Girls on the Run. As a full-time Lifestyle Entrepreneur with LifeVantage, Jessica jet sets across the country speaking on stage promoting human performance, active fitness, conscious health choices, and LifeStyle entrepreneurship. Educating others on social capital, faith, fitness and residuality is her focus.

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