Chance Glasco

Chance had his start in the game industry by working on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. After a successful first game, he left to become a co-founder of Infinity Ward, the original studio behind the Call of Duty franchise. Call of Duty would go on to be the best selling first-person shooter in video game history, selling more than 250 million copies worldwide. Other credits include Call of Duty 2, the entire Modern Warfare series and Ghosts. In addition to working with art and animation in games, Chance has a background in international media relations and has been featured as a guest speaker around the world.

Currently, Chance is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Doghead Simulations, a virtual reality startup responsible for VR conferencing and collaboration app, 'rumii'. Their solution helps schools like Harvard and Full Sail University create VR classrooms, which will gradually replace today's video-conference based online experiences with something more life-like.

Chance is available for coaching for anyone interested in a career in game development or virtual reality, whether you're experienced or want to know how to get into the industry. Whether you're a creative artist, passionate entrepreneur or an engineer-minded person, there's a niche for you in game development.

Años: 38
Años de experiencia: 10-20
KEYWORDS: game development, VR, virtual reality, AR, augmented reality, coaching, gamer, startup, character animation, call of duty, games, gaming, video games, game design, fortnite, CoD, PR, education, consulting, edtech

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