SPARX International

Dorothy Patrick is the CEO of SPARX International. Five years ago, after more than two decades in Fortune 100 corporate leadership roles, Dorothy made the decision to pursue her entrepreneurial dream and started her own leadership consulting business.

"Having the ability every day to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of the people I touch is what has always inspired me. I have spent years helping others become the best version of themselves and I am gratified to have been a part of their success story."

SPARX International partners with successful professionals and mid-size organizations who understand the value and process of having a strategic partner to help navigate transitions occurring from career and organizational changes. These changes can be due to voluntary or involuntary events such as internal Manager to Leadership changes, loss of a job, entrepreneurship or business growth that requires processes and leadership development skills and training.

In all cases, it's confusing and stressful and it takes a good amount of courage to understand that you cannot figure it all out on your own. I've always seen a raised hand and a question as a sign of strength.

Contact me to plan an appointment time and duration that works best for you. We can create a schedule for you that ensures the day, time and duration of your preference.

Dorothy is passionate about supporting our Veterans as they transition from active duty to civilian life and she commits her time to a variety of local Veteran support organizations.

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