Purpose and Change Coach

Purpose and Change Coach

My journey into the world of Life Coaching:

I worked in various fields including sales, marketing, and admin, but eventually discovered my love for teaching and writing.

As a teacher, I have worked in Indonesia and Cambodia.

My curriculum development projects has allowed me to work with clients from the US, Hong Kong, and China.

My passion for children and development work has led me to pursue an SSCM certification with Kids in Ministry International, and to volunteer with Salvation Army in Surabaya, Club 4th in Jakarta and Hua Hin, and Elephant English School in Kampot. I get so much fulfillment in working with foundations and NGOs in the Philippines, where I want to truly make a difference now.

Dabbled with events management, as a way to express my obsession for structure and order.

Trains university and college students for career orientation, as a way to help these "young ones" have a good start in their work-life.

Does a bit of hosting, and finds myself starting to do a lot of public speaking.

Loves inspiring and encouraging people during my coaching sessions, as it gives me a chance to make a difference in other people's lives.

I want to LIVE A SATISFIED AND JOYFUL LIFE by using my superpower to help others do the same.

Contact me now, so we can explore how you and I can work together.

KEYWORDS: Purpose Coaching, Transitions Coaching, Change Coaching

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Purpose and Change Coach