Christine Marie White

What are your fears and insecurities about dating? Dating problems and challenges?
I can help you to eliminate most all of them. Just try me! It doesn't matter if you are 18 or 80!

If you are a parent or influencer of teens or tweens, get help preparing them correctly for dating, love and intimacy. It is very important that you start teaching them early, before eight years old, because those in middle schools are having oral sex, teens and college students are hooking-up. They no longer know how to date or even want to. Later, when they want love, they find they do not know how to create a loving, monogamous and committed relationship with a strong foundation to last long-term.

Hi! I'm Christine Marie White and I have been working with singles for over 40 years. I am the founder of the and creator of the innovative new dating process called IntegrityDating. The IntegrityDating process is based on healthy principles and values and will take you from meeting to marriage in 5 easy steps.

My online courses include:

The Introduction to IntegrityDating (a Free course for eliminating your dating problems and understanding the basics of the IntegrityDating process)

The IntegrityDating Manual: Taking you from meeting to marriage (or long-term commitment)

Is He the One? How to effectively evaluate and know you are with your Mr. Right

Is She the One? How to effectively evaluate to know you are with your perfect partner

How to Be Irresistible to Men without Using Sex: The secrets to attracting quality men

How to Attract Your Perfect Partner Using Quantum Physics Science and the Law of Attraction.

You can get a FREE easy-to-read Introductory course at: www.FindingLove.Academy
It is life (love) changing. Learn how you can better help your children and grandchildren! Be an informed parent with informed children! OR... I can work with you where you are now. Set a time for personal consulting and discover what you don't know but need to know! Finally you can be in the arms of someone who loves you. Let's talk and I will walk you into success in love!

*Please know that I may be able to eliminate a problem you have had for years in just a matter of minutes! Schedule now! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Check out my YouTube Channel: Finding Love Academy

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