Christine Rose, ACC

Christine Rose, ACC, is an ICF and Taylor Protocols CVI (TM) Certified business and executive coach, author and inspirational speaker. She works in a professional coaching relationship with business owners and executives (and a few smart men) around the world to accelerate extraordinary results in their lives , with their teams, and in their companies.

Client results include: Doubling income, increasing profitability, business growth, gaining confidence at work, successfully hiring top performers, shining in a new role, polishing communication skills, rapidly increasing EQ and executive presence. (Additional benefit has also been weight loss and deeper personal relationships! Christine offers clients access to the CVI, a highly reliable assessment that measures a person's innate, unchanging core values nature (TM). It is useful to determine your areas of highest and best contribution and is part of Taylor Protocols toolbox for hiring peak performers for your company.

If Google's founder Eric Schmidt and Microsoft's founder Bill Gates both say everyone needs a coach, what are you waiting for? Schedule your first session today. Your initial investment is 100% credited toward the coaching program that is perfectly suited to your needs and goals. And Christine offers an ROI guarantee. If you don't receive back an ROI that equals or exceeds your investment in coaching, you'll get a refund.
What do you have to lose, except the amount of time you tolerate the status quo?

Book your first business and executive coaching session today!

Años de experiencia: 20+
KEYWORDS: business coach, executive coach

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