Belinda Love

Belinda Love

“To enable you to feel loved despite your relationship status, find long-lasting soul-connected love and maintain a healthy relationship.”

We have had all the bad dates and horrible relationships; it is time we find the one we deserve.

Here you will uncover all the tools to set the right foundations, remove the triggers causing the patterns to attract the right partner and maintain a long-lasting relationship.

I have been asked what makes me an expert in this field, and my response is “I have studied counseling in the past, but nothing compares to the first-hand experience. My passion is to help people understand their worth and give them insight into the key elements of finding a love they deserve and maintaining it.”

Whilst I am still on my journey to finding my life long partner, I am happy with myself as I have learned to truly love who I am and trust that the right person will come into my life at the right time. All those I have met before my lifelong partner have enabled me to learn some valuable lessons and to grow as a person, those lessons I am now sharing with you.

Instagram: BelindaLove_Coach
Años de experiencia: 5-10
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Belinda Love