Tara Fischer

Tara Fischer

I am Tara, surfer, traveller and life designer. I am also a fulfilment & success coach specialising in life design, career development and sports performance. A personal growth enthusiast and the founder of Lavii®.

Due to my signs, I am a naturally optimistic and motivated person and crave freedom more than anything. As a kid, I already learned the importance of prioritizing myself and going after what I wanted with confidence, which lead me to create this wonderful boho-lifestyle for myself where I can do what I want, when I want and where I want. However, as everyone in life, I had my challenges, I used to be a perfectionist, suffer from several depressions and went through a major life crisis. But I truly believe that all those lows teach us something wonderful. Since I learned to drop self-sabotage and master life, I’ve grown so much, more than I could have ever imagined and life just kept getting better.

To me it’s always been important to contribute and inspire people to lead a fulfilled and self-determined life. Ever since I was young I was driven by wonder and expansion. I always wanted to get more out of life and give back the joy I received on the daily. So, I start working as a freelance writer and webdesigner when I was 16 years old. I published a cook book when I was 18 and started traveling the world at the age of 19 while at the same time getting a BA in sports science and a MA in Marketing and Branding. About 3 years ago, I then founded Lavii®, a lifestyle brand dedicated to helping women unlock their greatest personal and professional potential and design a life they love by learning to prioritize themselves, their dreams and their wellbeing.

I hate nothing more than seeing people stand in their own way and thus give up their dreams and dismiss their potential. Which is why, in my high value mentoring program, The DreamLife Project®, I work with some of the most ambitious women who struggle with self-sabotage and prioritizing themselves on what I call 5 facets of change: Awareness, Mindset, Strategy, Heath (mentally and physically) and Mindfulness and thus help them to engage in ultimate life design, achieve career goals, drive high performance and increase personal growth and wellbeing.

Amongst the things I teach my clients are:
• Prioritize themselves and their dreams
• Discover themselves and their purpose in life and career
• Crack through the walls of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that cause self-sabotage and negativity
• Increase confidence through self-mastery
• Unravel the mystery behind greatness and thus improve their manifestation approach
• Improve their strategy and approach to achieving their goals 
• Heal from within, find self-love and increase self-worth and confidence 
• Make an end to self-criticism, doing more and “being too hard on myself”
• Improve performance and productivity in life and at work
• Improving sports performance through mindset, nutrition, exercise and recovery
• Find balance and contentment within themselves, their lives and their career

Here for I am using tools like meditation, EFT, Self-Talk, affirmations, visualisation, astrology, traveling, surfing and strategic communication.

I believe that if we work on ourselves and go after what we want, life just gets magical and that positive energy transmits into everything we do and thus makes this world a happier place. All it takes is some conscious work on your mindset, your emotions and your approach to life, your goal and the situation.

To get to know me even better visit my website www.lavii.net.

Age : 25
Years of experience : 1-5
KEYWORDS: life coach, confidence, selbstbewusstsein, happiness coach, success coach, erfolgscoach, glückscoach, manifestation, mindset, selbstfindung, self-discovery, emotional regulation

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Tara Fischer