Tara Fischer

Tara Fischer

I am Tara, dreamer, traveller and mermaid. I am also a personal and spiritual growth mentor, fulfilment & success coach for life, career and athletics as well as travel coach and surf instructor.

Ever since I was a child I loved to spend time outdoors and explore what the world has to offer. I love connecting with people and learning about them as well as about myself. Due to my signs I am a naturally optimistic and motivated person and crave freedom more than anything else. Which lead me to create this wonderful boho lifestyle for myself where I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and do whatever I want to. However, as everyone in life, I had my challenges, but I truly believe they all teach us something wonderful and I can attest that mine for sure did. Over the past years I’ve grown so much, more than I could have ever imagined and life just kept getting better.

After I had achieved everything I wanted up until that point in my life, I decided I wanted to help people to have the same, amazing experience of life, that I have, be happy, successful and make all their dreams come true. I founded the DreamLife Project, started to specialise in personal growth and life design, sports psychology and career development and am now considered as an expert in all things happiness, success, performance and holistic wellbeing. 

I hate nothing more than seeing people waste their life, give up their dreams and dismiss their potential. So, today I work with some of the ambitious women, goal driven athletes and passionate entrepreneurs to start, expand or transition to the lives and careers they love and see the success they deserve. I do this through mentoring them on what I call the 5 facets of change: Personal Growth, Mindset, Manifestation, Healing and Mindfulness.

Which means I teach them to
• Overcome fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that cause self-sabotage and negativity
• Learn self mastery and improve their approach to manifesting their dreams and achieving their goals 
• Discover themselves and their purpose in life and career 
• Heal from within, find self-love and increase self-worth and confidence 
• Improve performance and productivity in life and at work
• Improving sports performance through mindset, nutrition, exercise and recovery
• Find balance and contentment within themselves, their lives and their career

Here for I am using tools like meditation, EFT, Self-Talk, affirmations, visualisation, lunar cycles, traveling, surfing and strategic communication to transform people and lives.

To get to know me even better visit my website www.tarafischer.org.

Age : 25
Years of experience : 1-5
KEYWORDS: life coach, confidence, selbstbewusstsein, happiness coach, success coach, erfolgscoach, glückscoach, manifestation, mindset, selbstfindung, self-discovery, emotional regulation

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Tara Fischer