chris tanner

chris tanner

Most of my law practice is helping people get started with protecting their ideas, brands, concepts, and business methods. However, a lot of that involves never being engaged as an IP attorney in the first place, instead being engaged as a strategic advisor, cost-manager, and business strategist.

There are a lot of different ways to make a mistake in Intellectual Property, but the single biggest one I see is in over-estimating the value of one's creations. The second biggest mistake is unwise use of limited capital. The third biggest mistake is trying to take on a venture without sufficient capital to properly give oxygen to the venture.

Intellectual Property specialist, revenue specialist. Experienced in Intellectual Property issues, and many small business issues. Experience in business litigation, intellectual property litigation. Expert Witness in patent issues. Extensive trademark and branding experience. Litigated trademarks in federal court.

Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: patents, trademarks, LLCs, business counsel, business strategy, patent drawings, patent claims, trademark process

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chris tanner