Suzanne Marsh

Life Lessons is an approach to wellness and spiritual healing. A spiritual practice for everyday life. It’s a specific process that works with our perceptions and the events in our lives that prevent us from moving forward and block us from our growth.

What is a life lesson? It’s believed we are here to learn and that these lessons are spiritually based. We are here to learn and expand our understanding of the challenges and events that continue to repeat and get more difficult each time until they are learned. Once they are earned there is no need to continue to repeat them, conflict can disappear, and peace can be found.

There are may ways Life Lessons show up in our lives. It can be in our relationships with a significant other, family, friends, co-workers and neighbors. It can show up in our physical health and wellness through Illness and medical conditions. It can also show up through our personal wealth, finances and abundance.

A Life Lesson is whatever you don’t like. If it challenges our inner peace and causes conflict it is a life lesson.

As we walk through the Lessons our true-self can come out and conflicts and challenges are no longer needed bringing peace.

By nature, the life Lessons are hard to figure out on your own. We are very close to our own experiences and they are complex life issues that everyone experiences every day. The first difficulty is what are the Life Lessons? Then identifying which one is most important to start with. Once we discover this, we can begin to break the pattern and move forward.

If we could bring your true-self out and give up the past, who would you be?

Years of experience : 5-10

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