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I'm Lana Chandler and I'm a Radical Authenticity & Transformation Coach for spiritually conscious souls who want to feel more loved, valued, inspired and empowered in their lives. Absolutely everyone can be awakened to their own greater authentic power, potential, and purpose but sometimes we need the right coach or teacher or healer to help us see all the opportunities and possibilities hidden in our life story.

I'm what spiritually minded souls would call an intuitive empathic healer. This means I'm able to intuitively see and feel any limiting mental and emotional blocks that people often struggle to heal and overcome in their lives. I've been working with my intuitive gifts and coaching skills for over 12 years now.

I've always felt it was important for people to take responsibility for their lives and transform any conditioned self-limiting beliefs and habits that sabotage their potential to live a happy, fulfilling productive and successful life.

When you're happy and fulfilled, you're able to deeply value and honor your own authentic truth, worth, and personal desires. You're able to take charge of your life and live the inspired, empowered life you dream of. You're even able to awaken and fulfill your authentic truth, purpose, and destiny.
But when you're suffering, struggling and just surviving through life.... its difficult to achieve or master anything.

I would love to help you change your life... transform your perception and elevate your beliefs about yourself and the life you're experiencing.

As a Transformation Coach, I feel its absolutely crucial to inspire and empower my clients to believe in themselves, to love themselves and know at a soul level that they are worthy beyond measure, beyond anyone else's expectations. Often times, our biggest obstacle has to do with transforming that belief that we're not good enough. When someone feels they're never going to be good enough or smart enough or valuable enough in the world... its often because they haven't had anyone help them discover the valuable treasures hidden within themselves and their life story. They haven't been shown how to listen to their soul and communicate with the universe who is always conspiring to help them become their best self and live a beautiful, fulfilling life.

I teach my clients how to shift from that I'm not enough victim mentality to Conscious Abundance Mindset & Creative Potential. Gradually we then work to unveil countless natural gifts, strengths, and skills they have honed and harnessed over their lifetime. And the magical part of my coaching program is we find their amazing gifts, talents, and skills right in their own life's story.

It's absolutely crucial in this day and age for life coaches to teach their clients how to approach their feelings of unworthiness and lack with a heart-centered consciousness that not only elevates their mindset but also teaches them how to redirect their attention back to an empowering beliefs and self-loving practices that will shift and evolve them rather than stagnate and disempower them.

As we all know.... energy flows where attention goes. So the more we focus our attention on what we want and what we can do, the more we will cultivate the necessary growth and transformations that will ultimately help us fulfill our authentic joy, power, and potential as ever-evolving conscious beings.

My aim is to always encourage my clients to unapologetically own their authenticity and honor the blessings and challenges they've experienced throughout their lifetime. There are extraordinary insights and treasures within their one of a kind experiences. When we explore the struggles, lessons, insights, and triumphs they experienced for their spiritual evolution, I teach them how to harness and leverage the incredible insights, and transformations they gained so they can feel valuable in the world... help other people who will deeply relate to their stories of struggle and transformation.

This dynamic coaching process instills deep-seated feelings of self-worth and creative potential in all of my clients. When people realize that they can become a powerful healer, teacher, speaker or creator in some way because of their life's experiences... that's a truly inspiring and life-changing moment for them. They suddenly realize they've always mattered... they cry with joyous gratitufe and experience immense relief knowing they now have great purpose and potential they can enact in the world.
This is why I love the Soul Coaching I do... I help people become aware of how valuable and meaningful their stories and messages are to our world.

Through my radical soul coaching process, my clients gradually shift from "I've never felt worthy or good enough to play an important role in life" TO... "I discovered my Soul's Calling and Mission and now I'm going to inspire and empower others with my own authentic messages of wisdom, healing and transformation. "

By valuing their unique struggles and the suffering they went through, they begin to serve that higher purpose their Soul always intended yet their minds often times never expected.

I want YOU to profoundly awaken to the truth that you are a valuable LIGHT in this world. A very important messenger of some kind. Your life has profound meaning and your story matters more than you know. The struggles, adversity, and pain you experienced were intentional just so you could one day change other peoples lives with your story and your services.

If you only knew how enough, how truly worthy and incredible you really are...
You'd never doubt yourself again.

Work with me and you will discover how much you matter and belong in our world.
Work with me and your mind will be blown away by the realization that your struggles and hardships weren't ever in vain.

This is why you're here reading this right now. If you're taking in every word hoping that everything I've mentioned is true... wanting to believe that you can become more and have more than you ever imagined possible for yourself.... then believe that you were sent here. Believe that all of this is not only possible for you... it's destined.

Connect with me for only an hour and let's soul talk.

You are capable of fulfilling your deepest desires and dreams, awakening your highest truth and potential... but you need the right coach and program to teach you the right mindset and show you the right path to help you achieve what you want.

If you'd like to experience a Soul Alchemy Transformation Session... schedule a 1 hour consultation so we can unravel and shift a major struggle you're dealing with.

I only need 1 hour to convince you that I truly can help you transform your mindset and help you begin living a lifestyle that honors your needs and desires AND fulfills your goals and dreams.

Looking forward to connecting with your soul,

Lana Chandler

Authenticity & Transformation Coach @ SoulAlchemyCoaching.com
Story Brand Strategist @ SoulStoryBranding.com
Intuitive Empathic Energy Healing Therapist @ Soul Alchemy Healing Arts on Facebook
Course/Program Creator & Content/Copy Writer @ SoulStoryBranding.com


                        Soul Alchemy Coaching Listings you'll find from me on CoachtheWorld.com: 

30 min Soul Alchemy Transformation Coaching - $50.00 US Dollars

1 Hour Soul Alchemy Transformation Coaching - $100.00 US Dollars
(Coaching Session will include Intuitive Guidance/Coaching + Energy Healing)

1.5 Hour Soul Alchemy Transformation Coaching - $150.00 US Dollars
(Coaching Session will include Intuitive Guidance/Coaching + Energy Healing)

2 Hour Soul Alchemy Transformation Coaching - $200.00 US Dollars
(Coaching Session will include Intuitive Guidance/Coaching + Energy Healing)

REDUCED RATES FOR COACHING PACKAGES... please contact me to discuss full program rates.

For further information and listings about other coaching services Lana offers, please type in the search option:

~ "Soul Story Branding Strategist & Course Creation"

~ "Language of Light Alchemy - Intuitive Empathic Energy Healing"

Years of experience : 10-20
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