SJ Barakony

SJ Barakony

SJ is the founder of SBSL , futurist, & a creative educational disrupter.

He strongly believes in being an advocate for the 80-90% of American citizens between the ages of 5 and 50 who have, are, or will (w/o active intervention) experience average, mediocre, or less results from the conventional educational tracks.

He is 45 years old, lives in Ohio, and has been an edu-preneur in the education field for 6+ yrs, with 2+ years of life coaching experience prior to shifting professional gears.

He describes himself as part advocate, part historian, & part futurist.

All contribute to his branding as a 'solutions provider' in the educational space/industry.

Age : 45
Years of experience : 5-10
KEYWORDS: education, mentor, family, parents, small business, startup, students, college, high school, soft skills, people skills, life skills, servant leadership, thought leadership, educational consulting, facilitator, mastermind, homeshool, advisor, connector, futurist, futureofwork, historian, guest blogger, podcasts, podcast guest, speaker

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SJ Barakony