Life Story Transformation

Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m a Life Story Transformation Coach. I help trauma survivors transform their victim mentality and support them in awakening to their immeasurable worth and innate power.

Being a sexual assault victim myself… and having transformed my own intense emotional trauma… I know how it feels to be both a victim and a survivor. I also know how liberating it feels to let it all go. I found my life’s purpose in helping women heal and overcome their emotional trauma, take back their lives, rise above their story and discover who they truly are.

I’ve created a program in which I will gradually guide a trauma survivor towards a place of healing and freedom from the emotional pain they’re held hostage to. We work to clear and transform paralyzing triggers as well as self- sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, which are all aspects of PTSD. Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Vulnerability and Open Communication are critical parts of this program that will work to instill a sense of Safety, Protection and Empowerment.

Age : 44
Years of experience : 1-5
KEYWORDS: trauma, trauma healing, trauma coaching, spiritual development, mindfulness, empath, spirituality, emotional healing, reiki,

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