I am a professional Trainer with more than 30 year of trainer, coaching and leadership knowledge.
My goal is to bring people forward to reach their goals and become a clear view.

Ich bin ein professioneller Trainer mit mehr als 30 Jahren Trainer-, Coaching- und Führungswissen.
Mein Ziel ist es, Menschen dazu zu bringen, ihre Ziele zu erreichen und eine klare Sichtweise zu bekommen.

Time Zone / Tampa FL - Eastern Time Zone UTC-05:00:!cities=410

Coaching languages:
- English, German, French, Swiss

Actual Position:
- President at e-northamerica®
- Managing Director at Siegel® Human Resource
- MOB/CFO of - e-international

- Swiss Federal Master Diploma in Banking
- Diploma in Leadership HF

Master trainer in:
- Siegel® programmes
- e-stimate®, Master, accreditation, International

Relevant job experience before self employment:
- Consultant Private Banking & Emissions, SNB
- Trainer for Computer science, RTC
- Product Manager, Commercial Banking, GD SBC
- Training Manager for apprentice and technical training, Bernese Cantonal Bank
- Training Maganer for sales and coach training, Bernese Cantonal Bank

Specialties: Training, Consulting and Assessment in National and International Markets:
- Leadership
- Sales, Consulting and Negotiation
- Communication
- Assessment

About me:
My customers tells you why you should book me:

Age : 56
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: Personality, Leadership, Motivation, Vision, Communication, Negotiation, Sales, Profiles Persönlichkeitsförderung, visionieren, Kommunikation, Verhandlung, Verkauf, Profiele

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Very good

GMRH about listing Zertifizierung für Umsteiger 2 years ago.

It was by far one of the most efficient training's, the program is full of science-based knowledge and techniques, i am excited to be a part of this fantastic International Team and to bring all these expertise and knowledge into the Corporate World.

I highly recommend Ronald Meier and the E-northamerica/ Siegel training programs.

Thank you

Lilia Postolachi Glover

Kompetent, empathisch, professionnell und vertrauenswürdig. Ich würde und werde jederzeit mit Ron zusammenarbeiten wollen.