I like getting people excited about the things I get excited about Online. I believe there's nothing better than finding opportunities for talented people to do awesome things.

I understand your pain points, I can advise you on how to sell/negotiate cost effectively and I can deliver results under pressure in a calm, logical and effective way.

I'm very 'hands on' and I love rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in! I like giving people big responsibilities early on, helping them think about projects in a different way and showing them how to stand out from the crowd.

I believe that pressure is a privilege and I think it's an honor to teach people how to earn more money for themselves and guiding them to the next steps in their careers. I take great pride in watching people grow and develop and have been known to shed a not-so-secret tear of pride when I see them do well.

As a leading coach and business strategist, raj specializes in Video Marketing and he is one of the most sought after on-line influencers on LinkedIn with his unique presentation style.

Mr. Raj Meesa has supported and influenced many entrepreneurs and corporate companies over the last decade. Raj combines his Video-marketing skills, coaching strategies to get the results you need individually and collectively within organizations. He is working with many leading brands and established himself as a trendsetter in corporate communications.

Conceptualizing strategies or implementing & optimizing impact assessments for new entrepreneurs is his greatest asset. Being a firm believer in human potential, Raj has championed strategies and tools to help people transcend the barriers of self-inhibition and coax out leadership qualities in them. Raj envisages to train as many exuberant content creators like him as possible.

Please proceed to inspire the world around. Let's talk now, book a call Today.

You’re taking a giant step by investigating the idea of 1:1 coaching in Video Marketing, and I couldn’t be more excited for you.

To be honest, I thought coaching was the biggest scam of the century, until I started working with Jessi from CoachtheWorld.

My coaching packages are ideal for beginner through intermediate level freelance Video Marketeers and agency owners. Working with a coach means getting a second pair of eyes on the work that you do. Having a roadmap created by someone who has already done it. Having a support system when you’re panicking about a proposal, client feedback, or a speaking gig you just booked.

It means you’ll be pushed to set and reach your goals. We’re in it together… but you’ve gotta put in the work.

My coaching relationships are booked in 3-month packages. Please allot 2 hours per month for private calls, and 5 hours per month for coursework. And most importantly, you’ll want to enter the relationship with an open mind, a goal-chasing mentality, and the energy to take feedback and put it into action.

Personalized Coaching Curriculum
…Based on your exact business goals and skillset. No two coaching sessions look exactly the same, because I know that everyone’s needs are different. I’ve helped clients launch Biz Vlogs, win over more clients, increase their revenue, and establish processes that helped their businesses run more efficiently. Before hopping on our first call, we’ll discuss your exact needs, and I’ll lay out a schedule for our time together.

Six 60 Minute Video Calls
We’ll chat every other week to discuss the learnings, as well catch up on what’s going on with your business. I always allow for plenty of time for Q&A, and nothing is off the table. These calls can be recorded for you to refer back to even after our sessions are complete, and during our off weeks, I’ll provide you with resources and worksheets to work on for our next call.

Three Months of Support
You’ll get priority email inbox support (response time in 24 hours or less), WhatsApp/Messenger access, and unlimited feedback during our time together. Big presentation due? I’ll happily take a look and send you some feedback. Need some social post ideas for a client? I’ve got your back. Feeling discouraged? Let’s chat! That’s what I’m here for.

Age : 37
Years of experience : 10-20
KEYWORDS: VideoMarketingCoach ; coachtheworld ; growthmindset; onlinelearning ;VideoSalesLetters

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