Natasha Nurse

Natasha Nurse

As a former New Yorker, born and raised, Natasha is used to bumping into people from all walks of life daily, which makes it easy for her to accomplish her goal of meeting someone new and learning something new every day. A licensed attorney by trade, Natasha held various stints in the corporate world prior to making a foray into fashion and writing. Having been a victim of bullying as a child growing up, Natasha learned to seek out fashion as a source of strength early on and actively uses it as a personal means of empowerment; because of her own experiences with bullying and her strong desire to help others within the plus-size community, Natasha started Dressing Room 8 to provide a web-based resource where women can gain personal and professional empowerment through her fashion and lifestyle focused blog, consultation, and coaching services. Dressing Room 8 helps women learn how to think with clarity, dress with confidence, and live with purpose.

Not one to stay idle, Natasha loves to keep a full calendar. Aside from running Dressing Room 8, Natasha is the Lifestyle Editor for Plus Model Magazine. She is the former Program Coordinator for Long Island Girl Talk, a Long Island community-based start-up program that teaches teenage girls how to produce, direct and star in their own television show about women’s issues in their communities. She is the former host of Our Voices on 90.3 WHPC. Additionally, she partnered with her husband to create the new podcast WokeNFree.

Prior to starting Dressing Room 8, Natasha created the WST Feminist Blog, an open forum for sharing original content, links and creative work addressing cutting-edge women’s issues. She is also an animal lover and a big film buff. When she’s not traveling or juggling multiple projects, she likes to spend time with her husband Kahlil, cat Toby and dog, J.J. And, she always finds time to indulge in her obsession with elephants.

Years of experience : 5-10
KEYWORDS: Speaker | Coach | Content Creator

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Natasha Nurse