Nadja El Fertasi

Nadja is the CEO/Founder of Nadja El Fertasi, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Coaching & Consulting, Brussels, Belgium.

Nadja helps diverse professionals across the globe to leverage their emotional intelligence and navigate life in all areas.

Nadja most recently worked as a Senior Executive at the NATO Communications and Information Agency. Drawing upon her nearly two decades of experience in a variety of leadership and policy planning positions at NATO, Nadja now helps diverse individuals and organizations around the globe navigate and maximize their EQ potential. Having closely worked with people from over 40 countries during her tenure at NATO, Nadja is uniquely skilled in fostering trust and understanding among diverse, global stakeholders in both the public and private sectors across various industries.

Nadja’s clients include both individuals and organizations in the public and private sector (including small and medium enterprises and start-ups) and she offers a broad suite of services, ranging from personality type and strength-based life coaching for individuals to helping organizations design programs designed to promote soft skill development, resilience, stress management, managing unconscious bias and fostering empathy in the work place.

Nadja offers all of her clients the EQ-i 2.0 model assessment which is the only scientifically validated survey on emotional intelligence in the world. Nadja is a creative and passionate problem solver and believes that a one size fits all approach does not work – she is committed to tailoring and customizing her services to meet her clients’ unique needs.

Nadja possesses the latest credentials in the emotional intelligence space, and trained with leading experts in the field. She is a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, a certified EQ-i 2.0 coach by Multi Health System (MHS) Inc. Assessments, and a Certified Digital Marketer by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin, Ireland.

A proven leader, Nadja is an alumna of the 2014 NATO Executive Development Programme, an alumna of the 2018 German Marshall Memorial Fellowship Program sponsored by The German Marshall Fund of the United States, and a Steering Committee member for Women in International Security Brussels. Nadja is a post-graduate from the University of Cambridge in International Relations. She is fluent in English, Dutch, Arabic, and French and proficient in Italian and German.

Nadja is happily divorced and her greatest gift in life is her six-year old son Adam. They live their potential every single day and enjoy each moment of their human experience in the digital age. In her spare time, Nadja enjoys creative writing, meditation and yoga.

Years of experience : 10-20
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