I am a ​Mindset Cultivator, Energy Healer & Tarot Consultant

I work with people who are feeling challenged, irritated, angry or even jealous because they see many people around them achieving what they wish they could in their personal & professional lives... I mentor, coach and teach them so they learn to feel better about themselves and their unique gifts, this allows them to create success on their terms.

My unique approach to help you was inspired by the life I’ve lived through and recovered from. My story is like none other and anyone who has experienced what I have, find it nearly impossible to admit to.

What makes me different in this work is that I have developed the ability to take complex spiritual ideas and interpret them in ways that people find easy to understand and integrate.

Age : 54
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: mindset, motivation, mindfulness, get unstuck, coping with stress, intuition, guidance, tarot, resilience, responsibility, life coach, change, challenge

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