Martin Arkenstone

Martin Arkenstone

I Finally Found the Way Out...

As a child, I was inspired, creative, and full of hope. But I grew up in a society that pigeon-holes kids into specific tracks and levels early on. The message was that I wasn’t smart enough to excel. As a teenager, time didn’t exist when I worked with canvas, oil paint, charcoal, pastels, and sculpture. I wanted to be a stone sculptor, but my teachers didn’t think I was good enough to be an artist, so I put my dreams aside and apprenticed as stonemason first.

For more than three years, I apprenticed with an emotionally abusive mentor. I had no idea how to set healthy boundaries. Instead, I buried my feelings under a layer of energetic armor to fend off the constant attacks of anger. Time dragged and every day was like walking on eggshells. By the time I graduated as a stonemason at age twenty, I was depressed and addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. I needed to get away, so I spent five years traveling in the UK, Mexico, and the US. I returned to Switzerland married and with new-found enthusiasm to pursue a career. I became a highly sought-after expert stonemason restoring old buildings. I made six-figures, took two to three months of vacation a year, and owned a beautiful house in a picturesque village on the Rhine River. All this, yet I wasn’t happy. I didn’t know then that I was living a shadow of what I was really capable of. After twenty years as a stonemason, I finally burned out. I had become an angry and depressed people-pleaser. I divorced after fourteen years of marriage with little hope of ever having a stable relationship.

That’s when I realized I had to make a shift, and I started in earnest on my path of self-development.

When I turned 38, I married the love of my life and moved from Switzerland to California to start the life I dreamed of, but had not had the courage to live. I was ready to cast away the limiting beliefs of my upbringing to create the masterpiece of my life – ready to become the best person and husband I could be.

It wasn’t easy, though… I gave up everything: my home, my career, my tribe. I left family and friends. I struggled. But I now realize that sometimes we have to give up what is currently serving our lower nature to gain what will serve our higher nature. As we learn to trust our hearts, these struggles turn into opportunities to challenge our assumptions and our need to fit in.

True belonging is who we are without our stories. It’s living an inspired life. And it’s what I work with all of my clients to achieve.

May you live an inspired life!


Martin combines the newest technologies in neuroscience and energy healing to help his clients develop a powerful mindset that focuses on their passion and the life they want to create. Martin gently guides his clients along their the journey and accesses the blueprint of their life strategies and tactics to achieve their goals, as well as provide accountability partnership for successfully accomplishing the everyday tasks it takes to get there.

Years of experience : 5-10
KEYWORDS: Success Coaching, Life coaching, Advanced Law of Attraction Coaching, Masterminding, Emotion Code, Advanced Ho'oponopono

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Martin Arkenstone