The 7 Keys Coach

The 7 Keys Coach
Marc Vahanian

Marc has over 25 years of experience coaching high-profile performers, executives, and corporate teams. His background as a performer, screenwriter, fitness coach, and executive consultant has helped shape his unique approach with executives at all levels in various industries.

He has worked with a range of clients from race-car drivers to Fortune 500 executives and their teams. He has been featured in People Magazine, on CBS’s “48 Hours” and E-Channel’s “The Golden Globes,” among others.

Marc has developed a universal framework for leadership development and written a book called Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys

• New Revenue Streams
• Ways to be productive

• Renewed Self-Confidence
• Public Speaking and Presenting Skills
• A Centered Presence

Why do clients come to see Marc?
• Inspire people to move into action
• Provide feedback that cuts to the core of the issue and opens the way to new possibilities
• Strategic thought partner
• Build team trust and loyalty
• Learn how to listen with empathy and respond to the challenges with dignity, poise and equanimity
• Leveraging the power of collaboration
• Retaining top talent
• Move with a sense of purpose, passion and poise
• Get Results

Client Testimonials

“Are you still in the life-saving business? Because I need to have my life saved.” Drew Carey - The Drew Carey Show, The Price is Right

“…he empowered us to achieve demonstrable results as a team and contributed greatly to our bottom line.” Mark Goldberg, CEO, Carey Financial

“Having worked with Marc Vahanian for over a year, it seems more like a way of life he has guided me to, where body, heart, and soul unite as one.” Mick Fleetwood – Musician, Fleetwood Mac

“Marc’s pure perspective and deep caring for me personally transformed my mental and physical state and allowed me to regain my swagger.“ Paul Stein, Partner, Ernst & Young

“Marc is impressively effective at coaching a team through radical change. He masterfully led the team through discovery and change processes.” Renee Schaaf - Senior Vice President, Principal Financial Group

“Marc has an unusual ability to make a real difference in the lives of executives.” Michael Hamilton - Partner and Chief Learning and Development Officer, Ernst & Young

“Marc brings exceptional business acumen and long-term, spirit-nourishing inspiration.” Sherri Cooke - President & CEO, AI Insight

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Instagram: Marc Vahanian
Age : 64
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: Coaching Life Work Business Confidence Job Interviews Presentation Skills Engagement ProductivityNavigating

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