Amanda Metta

South African born and raised, now living in the USA. Even though currently I am in Miami, Florida, I consider Sedona, Arizona to be my permanent home - Metaphysical mecca and actual home city for the past 7 years.

I'm born into a humanitarian family and my mission is to serve.

I'm continually studying and expanding my knowledge in the field of transpersonal psychology. My current passion is Tibetan Tantra. The thesis of my studies with the University of Metaphysics is titled: "Spirituality through Trauma," and I owe my spiritual inclination to my ancestral Griqua, Khoi-Khoi lineage.

My coaching/couceling style is developed from a combination of years of spiritual inquiry, years of bodywork practice, and years of exploring various models of transpersonal psychology.
It is my mission to teach as many people as I can reach, the value of inner peace and freedom to be who they are.

Through working with me, men and women of all ages:

Appreciate the value of who they are
Heal co-dependent tendencies
Find inner Peace
Find self-acceptance
Cope through stressful times/lives
Find their “next step”
Find Spirituality through Traumatic experiences.
Discover Self-love & Love for Others
Become a Kinder, Gentler version of themselves
Develop Confidence through Creativity
Discover the Messages of their Body
Find inner intimacy

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