Mahara Mckay

Mahara Mckay

Let go of fear and transform into love.

Mahara's goal is to help you become the best version of yourself - using her vast array of tools she can help you transform your fears, traumas, anger and other stuck energies that are preventing you from experiencing life as a constant wonder.

She has the knowledge to help you unlock your own unique gifts, feel more self love, serenity, courage and empowerment in your life.

Her ongoing studies and life experience include:

Tantric and Shamanic Arts
Wim Hof Method and other types of Breathwork
Authentic Movement & Dance

Which she passionately shares - with anyone interested to learn.

She facilitates well-attended workshops, festivals and Tantra Energy training's across the globe, which focus on personal growth.

To hear students experiences from past trainings and to get inspired, please visit

Instagram: @maharamckay
Age : 39
Years of experience : 5-10
KEYWORDS: tantra; meditation; personal development; wellness; sacred sexuality; breathwork; shamanic tools;

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Mahara Mckay