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Many hurtful experiences in life can cause our hearts to close up. The invisible Heart-Wall blocks us from receiving or giving love, inhibits our abilities to create healthy boundaries, and make Heart-Based-Choices. This package is our most popular option to also gift to friends and family members.

Heart wall Clearing Packages are up to 7 weekly 30 min Sessions of Emotion Code

The Emotion Code was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson to shed light upon the unseen of our inner self. It helps us release the emotional baggage we’ve accumulated over the years from the struggle to unfold into our true purpose. Trapped emotions are subtle energies that got stuck in our energy body during intense emotional events we’ve experienced in the past. In time, this can cause an imbalance physically, mentally, and emotionally and leads to all kinds of illnesses, disorders, and destructive behaviors.

Live A Passionate Life Of Fulfillment & Prosperity
Releasing trapped emotions helps our body heal, returning us to our optimal state of functioning. It can help free us from the chains of emotional baggage and self-sabotage. It can support our heart and our mind in pursuing our passions more freely.

The Emotion Code is a simple, 4 Step process to release your emotional baggage unleashing your full potential allowing you to live your life with more Purpose, Fulfillment & Prosperity.

New to the Emotion Code? Not sure if it is a fit? Take advantage of your Introductory one time 30 min session of $47 customarily priced at $120. Go to

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