Metamorphosis = Transformation...YOUR OWN!

Metamorphosis is defined as: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.


This six-week program is ALL ABOUT POWER. It is not for pansies…It is for you! It’s time for YOU to show up fully and freely as YOU…radiantly, powerfully, fully as YOU!

We’ll talk power vs force;
We’ll talk about politics and why spirituality and politics must converge;
And yes… we’ll talk about PHYSICALITY….body, sexuality and intimacy.
We’ll work with the EMOTIONALITY aspects, which are powerful and deep trigger places for change, for transformation.
We’ll focus on the MENTALITY…the deep grooves of unhelpful thinking, the looping patterns in our thoughts, and we’ll learn to RETRAIN OUR BRAIN for stronger, more genuinely creative and transformative thinking.
We’ll talk about power imbalance in personal relationships and in the wider world. We’ll open up Pandora’s box. Some of what we will cover is controversial…and is REALLY IMPORTANT for your own life, for your children, and for your children’s children.

We will work with the PHYSICAL and the NON-PHYSICAL aspects of your energy. You’ll receive insights, inspiration, activations and powerful transmissions to support and strengthen you stepping into your own brightest light, your own place, your own voice, your own highest service, your own greatest happiness…

This Six-Week Master Class supports YOU to Embrace your own personal Metamorphosis…It resides within the infinite stream of Yin/Yang – Feminine/Masculine energy within, through & all around you…

Ask, Allow, Embrace and then Employ the dynamic and beautiful energy the Universe has been trying to bless you with in all ways. Clear away the clouds of confusion…

This course will support you in creating a paradigm shift with the way YOU experience life energy, NOW and forevermore…as it is expressed within your being. It will also change the way you recognize and work with the energy inside and outside of yourself. This has to do with the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

This powerful and far-reaching work has a PERSONAL and PLANETARY IMPLICATION...Are you ready to:

Open yourself up to EXPANSION in every aspect of your life?
Love and fully APPRECIATE your body?
Experience more MUTUAL RESPECT in all your relationships?
Clear blocks that prevent you from experiencing CREATIVITY and collaboration in all areas of your life?
Receive ongoing HEART-MIND CONNECTION processes to create genuinely loving relationships with others?
Experience communication, EXPRESSION and sexuality as the sacred gifts they truly are?
Step into & maintain a new paradigm of love, support, STRENGTH and PURPOSE, once & for all?
Feel deep peace inside yourself and see HARMONY show up in your outer world?
Make decisions from a place of CLARITY and POWER in ALL your relationships…work, family, and the wider world?
Learn a powerful CONSCIOUSNESS ALIGNMENT process that you can employ for the rest of your life here on PLANET EARTH?
The days of living in fear, frustration, limitation, and lack are fading away! The time, YOUR TIME is right…NOW!

Program begins Sept. 25th

Keywords: Power, sexuality, masculine-feminine energy, transformation, intimacy, relationships
Coaching Topic: LC Harmony & Collaboration
Gender of the Coach: Female

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