Business Growth Simplified Coaching

How do you get yourself UNSTUCK growing your business? By doing what successful entrepreneurs do for business growth! But guess what, it’s not what you think!!!

After nearly 3 decades of helping small business owners, I found the 3 reasons most get stuck growing their business. Do any of these problems sound familiar:
• You’re working 10- 14 hours, and there never seems to be enough time in the day.
• You’re struggling every day just to stay ahead of your cash flow.
• One of your employees shows up with a family problem; the drama seems never ending!
• You’ve got a dozen balls in the air and not sure what you need to do next.
• You just lost a key employee, and you’re scrambling to hiring someone ASAP.
• You feel trapped by your business, alone with nobody to share your problems or solutions.
• The business is flat, you have little to no growth on top or bottom-line

Getting UNSTUCK require a shift in your mindset. Make the mental shift then business growth is simple!

Business growth actually is a defined process. Just follow this process and your business organically grows.

Successful entrepreneurs master this process. It is what allows them to successfully grow business after business, experiencing greater independence and financial freedom.

Why haven’t you arrived there yet?
Because most of the people advising you don’t understand the process, and the REAL factors that influence business growth. So, the advice they give you is often ill-suited for your stage of business growth. As a result, you spend more time, money, and resources without an assurance your effort will be successful.

Enter Business Growth Simplified

Business growth has 5 stages, influenced by 8 factors. Your area of focus changes for each factor depending on your business’ current growth stage.

BGS Coaching uses our exclusive Business Growth Assessment to determine your growth stage and which factors have you and your business at risk. We also help you assess your current resources and operational capacity, so you can build an optimal business action plan focused specifically on your needs to rapidly get you UNSTUCK and your business growing!

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