WTC special accreditation as a certified e-stimate® coach

Accreditation e-stimate® Best Coaching tool for coaches
for the members of the WTC

Combine business and accreditation online?

Join our e-stimate® accreditation in your own office.


The Theory – Theory of human behavior, Interpersonal

Circumplex – Why should anyone use e-stimate®?

The technology behind the profiles, how does the web

system work, setting up profiles – Team Profiles,

Competency Map, Individual Profiles.

Interpretation of the personalities, Interpretation of the

Team profile. How to use the profiles in Leadership.

Career Navigation with e-stimate®, Team

Development & Management

You will get together with this accreditation your own profile plus Click's in the sales value of



Go to the website:
Log in using these passwords:
Username = 14OY5MI5
Password = K4HZDLWI

Once you have logged in, complete your details etc..

You will then see brief instructions on how to complete the questionnaire.

It takes approx. 15 minutes to complete - please make sure you have sufficient time.

Answer quickly and intuitively as this provides the most accurate results.

Sincerely yours,

e-stimate international

Impressions from the last open accreditation in Bern, Switzerland:

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