Mental Coaching for Athletes

Have you ever had the experience of being completely prepared for an event, yet your mental state was less than optimal, and you didn’t perform at your best?

Athletes and fitness buffs know this problem well, and are often frustrated when they can’t get into the right mental state when it counts, whether this means procrastinating before starting a workout, feeling overly anxious when facing an important athletic event, or some other sort of mental block. Our minds seem to be more powerful than our bodies, and sometimes this can be frustrating!

Over the past decade, I have developed proven mental coaching methods that eliminate this frustration. Using techniques backed by science, I help my clients unleash the power of their minds so they can stay focused on their goals and get the results they are capable of! The methods I use are mental performance coaching, mental toughness training, meditation, visualization and hypnosis.

My clients are a mix of amateur, elite and professional athletes, business executives, professionals and others who generally want to improve their health and fitness. The common denominator across my clients is that they are all looking to maximize their performance, whether it’s in their sport, their work, at the gym, or in their personal lives.

So, how can I help you? Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation!

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Coaching Topic: LC Sport: Mental Skill Sets
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